Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to register?
Registration process is necessary because we need to save your data about purchased credit and subscribed numbers in case of loss, theft or phone damage. Also, in case you delete the app and later on wish to download it again we will be able to recover your data.
How can I get the number?
You can obtain a number only if you have enough credit. If you wish to subscribe to a number please go to the Main Menu and find Get New Phone Numbers tab, then click it and find the country you are trying to get the number from, and then choose the number itself. In case that you don’t have enough credit to get the desired number you will get a pop-up notification which contains a credit purchase button.
How does number subscription work?
All the of the numbers work on a monthly subscription bases, which means that the user must pay for the subscription extension every month in order to keep the same number. User can also enable auto renew option if he needs the number for a long period of time.
I haven’t renewed my number on time. Can I get it back?
Your number will be saved for a month after your subscription has expired. If you ask for an extension later in the following month we will be able to bring it back, but you will be charged for the whole month although that month could be over.
How can I buy credit?
Credit purchase can be done in two ways. First of all, user can go to the app than go to the Main Menu and then find Buy Credit tab. Other option is to register on our website where he can later find an option named Buy Credit.
Do I have to buy credit for every number I subscribe to?
No. Purchased credit can be used for any of the numbers user is subscribed to.
Can I send and receive text messages from all of the numbers?
No. There are some numbers that support this feature, but not all of them. If you are interested in these numbers, please contact us through our Contact Form that is in the top right corner of our web site.
Can I get necessary configuration to use VirtualSIM number on a different SIP?
We do not allow this action; therefore it is not possible to get the configuration for another SIP client.
Can I register my number on other apps such as WhatsApp?
For some numbers this option is possible, for some other not. We don`t have contracts with other chat and VoIP companies therefore we cannot guarantee that you will be able to register our virtual number on their platform.
I have purhcased credit through Google Play but it is not reflecting my VirtualSIM account?
Sometimes Google Play doesn`t send us the receipt for the purchase you made through the app. Simply, you should send us the receipt they have sent you on your e-mail and we will transfer you the funds immediately.
I have purhcased credit through PayPal but it seems that VirtualSIM wanted to access my account twice?
As PayPal transaction is not completed in real time, we give our users credit as soon as we receive request on our servers but we withdraw the money from your PayPal at some point in the following hours when PayPal lets us do so.
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